Perilous Times – POTUS MUST GO.



“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller (born blind)


Another year has come and we’re near the end again.

Supposedly, we strive to think the great holiday season should be without want, desire or material excess. We never learn to quell those deep inset feelings. We forget we deny being brought up by brain-washed governments, religions and teachers, no matter the specific authoritative persuasion or requirements ingrained upon the bones of our brains, taking us to regretful places in our heads.

We listen to supposed facts, day in and day out, by massive media outlets, stripping us of any semblance of sanity or self-preservation of autonomy of self-thought, secretly rooted inside our brains of individualities.

Living in the state of New Hampshire, the motto “Live Free or Die” bleeds cold, dead, blank facts, having nothing to do with the truth of that beginning. A blank state-slate, infused with ignorant-churned-fly-weed-brains, brain-washed toward a narcissistic, moronic sociopath in power, leading us to the brink of destruction.

Most people turn the Ostrich effect on, burying their heads in the sand and not facing the real danger lurking outside their homes, small villages and towns, keeping arm’s length from all media and social outlets, refusing to enter the fray and refusing to speak up, hoping their comforts zones not be stripped. They want peace and quiet by achieving a restful mind. But even if they reach heights of wealth and power or if they’re poor, they well know it’s a matter of time before everything collapses.

The threat is constant. It molds defenses and sets plans in motion no one admits to. Evil defenses. Conspiracy defenses. Foolish defenses without revealing the truths hidden on purpose. It’s insidious, treacherous and deceptively treasonous. The time for it to stop – is now.

Therefore: speak up. Write and publish things on your own personal Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and anywhere else you can. Let your opinions fly. Write your newspapers, create blogs, send newsletters and e-mails to your friends. Keep it up while this brain-toasted child-president is worn down even further – mentally.  Certain organizations should overwhelm him with legal suits and larger accusations.

Never stop revealing what you know and how you know it. As it is, sharing my personal knowledge and opinion of Mr. Trump (not my president,) while meeting him twice in NYC prior to the election, proved too late, in the course of human events back in 2015, to sway people’s minds away from the moron.

So, now is the time to plan the next year to help Mr. Mueller throw this fascist in jail. Get him out of our lives and minds.

He’s an anathema to us all. It’s time to get rid of the idiot bastard, as attested and proven by his forlorn associates and symbiotic lackeys. And if Kevin Spacey has to face the music of his discordant actions – SO SHOULD DONALD TRUMP.


d. Øle Ølesen



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