The Continuing Stories Of Chuckles and Smudge – EPISODE #2


“…heading in opposite direction from threat of detection.” ~ the author


“I can’t get a clue as to why this van won’t start. I just ripped the motor out last weekend in the driveway and put it back together. I’ve been running it all week. Shit!”

– banging on the dash board so hard, the rearview mirror drops down. Chuckles couldn’t figure – it was the wrong thing to happen and just the right moment of setting off on the epic road trip down south, toward the City of New York – Land of his birth.

Smudge chimed in: “Now let’s chill man. Let’s just think a bit. It’s bound to come to us.”

“Yeah, but the cats are waiting in the cold man and the dogs are circling the pants man! We gotta get over there and tell them this isn’t going to happen tonight!”

“We can’t do that man – too much of a bummer and they’d hand us our heads on backwards.”

“So what do you suggest? Steal Smarky’s VW van?”

“It’s a great van man. We could give him some money – Dish and Gynah are loaded. They’ll cough some up after a few hits of my ‘Mombo-WhoAnna,’ it can be a snowflake blizzard in Hell, if we can convince them.”

“What? Oh – You’ll so melt them. All right – go to the dorm and call man – make it quick – get Sally to go outside and tell them.”

“You got it.”


Dish and Gynah stood inside their sorority front foyer and rubbed the growing, steamy fog on the glass leaded panes – peering longingly, for their white momba-knights in shinning dope hazed armor, and wondering where the hell they were.

“These dudes are really starting to piss me off,” said Dish, “And I’m about to nix this whole idea.”

“Yeah but Chuckles is loaded with girth and manliness and makes me wet just thinking about it.”

“Gynah… time to go outside girl and press your rear in the snow. Go cool your jets before you explode.”

“Now wait just a minute – you know what I’m talking about and you’re one to talk me down from a stone warm high and I want to go to San Francisco, where it’s really warm and sunny and totally rad. Maybe we should spend the night in the college parking lot with them both, steaming up the windows, before we really blow this adventure.”

“You’re right. We never did get to Woodstock and this is our revenge. Maybe we should pray and think about blowing them both.”

Gynah laughs her head off and can’t stop laughing and starts to hiccup and hold her pussy… “I’m gonna piss my panties! Stop it!”

The inside door opens and Sally pokes her head out.

“YO! Your reprobates are stranded – they can’t get Chuckle’s van to start. Maybe you should both come back upstairs and wait for another phone call.”

“Damn. Now, what to do Dishey?”

“I guess we’ve got to think this out with our heads instead of our hormonal desires.”

“Yeah – And I’ve gotta pee really bad.”

To be continued…

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