Ole’s Stories: Rumors of BJW’s Pre-Demise

Øle Ø.’s Stories

(Document found from 2016 – Three Months before Booker’s demise.)

Confessions of a duct-taped lunatic.


(OCTOBER 1ST, 2016)

(Recent clues to the demise of BOOKER -)


Booker’s Legal Representation before Judge Wacko of Raymond, NH

Friday — 11:10 pm, Raymond, municipal Night – court:

Booker J. Winter was arrested and booked in Raymond, NH’s municipal court last night, on charges stemming from illicit pimp-prostitution; illegal distribution of cannabis toxins; failure to yield to on-coming traffic; failure to use turn signals; dangerous use of emergency blinkers; coughing in the face of an officer during fingerprint processing; disorderly conduct and lewd biting of his fingers in public.

Sources confirm Booker was led in wrist-cuffs, leg-irons and a locked-neck brace, reminiscent of 19th century oxen yokes, while walking into his cell for over-night processing.

Other sources claim they heard him scream: “ALL THESE CHARGES ARE BOGUS!!!”, to which an attending C.O. responded by smacking him on the ass and saying “Shut the fuck up and keep moving”.

We will keep our top investigator on this story. Keep reading the news tomorrow. [UBPI reports]

Bob Allan continues…

Robert Douglas Allan
1953 – 1986-7

Bob Allan’s letters – not hidden in yesterday’s story of CARDS & LETTERS OF THE LOST III, continue next week as more letters from other sources are collated and processed, during the weekend and through next week. Friday’s presentation of get-well cards from an unknown incident, as far back as 1958, were ultimately found in the Secret Treasure Trunk, reported by Øle Ø. last week. Stay tuned.

Stories on Sex:

Stories on SEX will be housed in this department heading and we’re looking for outside contributing editors. Send your stories to Øle Ø. C/O STORIES OF ØLE Ø., ASAP, Mount Kearsarge, New Hampshire. Or – to facilitate matters – feel free to send your sex story via the comment section below.

Smokin Baby’s byline and opinion: STAY TUNED.


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Out-write LIES:© 2016 (All Rights Reserved)

If you’re perplexed at the perplexity of the amount of lies generating from this prevaricating rumor mill… well… don’t be surprised if you find more lies in tomorrow’s news.

Rumor Mill:

Rumors abound in NYC city of a return of Booker (he may not be dead) to an upper east side establishment. We have more reporters looking into the allegations of corruption and the heart of the matter. Stay Tuned.


Public Radio reported a story destined to rock the up-coming election day process. Unnamed sources claim Booker involvement in a plot, not unlike shenanigan undertakings of Francis J. Underwood. Our hot stable of reporters are investigating claims a ‘deep-throat’ source connected, in part, an illegal conspiracy between: Donnie Tramps, Hilarious Clink-deal and Booker James Winter – all to destroy the NRC.

Stay tuned for the next edition.

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