The Fight

Date: December 5, 2018
Time: 3:21 am.

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You’re born. You live. You die. Yeah – the old “Trinity.” As old as before time existed. Think about it. People swarm the earth from birth, parents and previous generations and wonder what the hell is going on in their minds. Everyone (like me) may think and say:

“Now what? Why am I here? Why should I learn anything? What purpose is there to anything? What can be done about it? Why should I listen to you, them or anything I see, think or feel? How can my mind stay stable? Even keeled? What should I read? What should I write? What should I calculate?”

Minds jump to conclusions. Misinformed conclusions. Minds rattled by evil designers, wanting to steal what you have or thought or wrote – lives manipulated, cajoled, formulated and worst of all: powering every thought out of your brain for their own enjoyment or devices. They want to snuff your life out by brain-washing your mind to “Their way of Thinking.” And – getting what you have.

Many of these evil authoritarians have been brain-washed from their own childhoods and grow up fostering deceptiveness, preaching about it and lauding it over millions, billions – zillions.

When will the madness stop? Can it be stopped?


Unfortunately – even those embellished in falsity, also write – continuing to substantiate truth for myth. So what can be done to squash the powers that be? War? Disease? A nuclear event – shaking mankind to its core and then some? ANTI-FAKE NEWS? GLITTERING GENERALITIES? SUBSTITUTIONS? COVET THE HIDDEN TRUTH WITH NEW MYHS?


I sat wasted years of my youth in Sunday school, church, release times, (release times were hypocritical uses of time off from class – I never went) retreats, camps and family prayers around the dinner table. I spent years researching and studying the Bible, Koran and ancient texts and proved to myself that teachers, ministers and rabbis are all quacks. QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

Unfortunately – major ‘ministers of each faith or profession’ – sweet-talk themselves and their followers into what they think they should say, do or write. It’s all about the written word. They write from written ancient texts and read and plagiarize their own minds, with new myths, doing nothing but confusing and controlling weak emotional minds. Emotional mind abuse.

I sat wasted years in secular education – rife with myths and authority – and those authoritarians had no use for my infinite mind. Educators with finite minds, squelching my understandings and hiding truths with government/religious lies, propaganda and taking advantage of my learning disability.


Parents are at fault too, because – they think they can’t fight society. I’m guilty too. I bore seven kids with my wife and my hope is: they will get a clue that we were wrong. Big time wrong. And then – I hope they curse the myths planted in their minds and bring forth the truth of their own lives, through their own written words. Writing – It’s the best way to present it – to other minds – just as I’m inside your mind right now, as you read. Our collective. Our Minds. Our oneness.

The powers that be don’t want you to read or write or learn the opposite they teach. They’re intentionally dumbing down the global masses and have been for decades. In the past decade they’ve created a new “Grand Old Party” base, manipulating them into their greedy little greasy hands. Only those that read between the lines realize this. It’s sad. It’s an abomination.

The Abomination of Desolation.

Let the reader beware.

There are some groups out there that fight the good fight – here’s Dr. Mercola’s web link that is fighting for your health and it’s problems:

(some of the issues discussed are as follows:
*NewsGuard will rate online news brands based on nine criteria of credibility and transparency, ostensibly to help readers judge what is true in order to avoid fake news. It is currently focusing on U.S.-based media brands, but plans to expand online site reviews globally
*NewsGuard received much of its startup funds from Publicis Groupe, a global communications group whose history of clients includes the drug and tobacco industries
*NewsGuard, clearly influenced by Wall Street and indebted to big industries through its funding, is being positioned to eliminate competition, which will allow Big Industry to reign as the leading shaper of public opinion and government health policies

Americans’ trust in the media is at an all-time low. According to a 2017 Survey on Trust, Media and Democracy by the Knight Foundation, 43 percent of Americans have a negative view of news media.  Sixty-six percent believe “most news media do not do a good job of separating fact from opinion”)


I remember as a young child held in my grand-father’s arms, while he prayed with me in toddler’s Sunday school class. As I grew older I found out about the games he played, in order to maintain his wealth. He was torn between his religion and money but used his religion to maintain his money.

In the end – he owed more to the IRS than the former Vice President Agnew – under the Nixon administration. (Yeah – most that knew him in NY, didn’t know he’d been caught in FL – the big secret.) The only reason he didn’t go to jail, it was said, was because he was 86 years old. (I think it was because he had big connections keeping him out of jail – he knew many corporate CEOs)

He couldn’t fight the mob in his early days when he tried to start a legitimate NYC harbor fleet of tugboats – those tugboats eventually rotted away along the Kill Van Kull on Staten Island – the Mob in NYC controlled businesses via death threats and extortion means.

Years later when I worked construction in NYC, I met “Mikey Shades” at my favorite Irish pub. “Mikey” had worked for my grandfather as a brick-mason when I was really small. (I didn’t know him then.)  “Mikey” had gotten out of jail after murdering his wife out on Long Island, (supposedly 2nd degree murder – he found his wife with someone else in his marital bed) and he spread rumors about me in the industry, that I must be one damn $ rich kid, because he knew what my Grandfather had done. Holy shit.

“Pop”, as he was affectionately called – would meet couples sent to him. They would say: “We’d like you to build a house for us.” He would say – “YA vell – yous yust give me $2000 dollars cash and I vill build yous a house and get yous a mortgage.”

The only trouble is – he stashed the $2000 and the couple started off with a home without collateral down-payments. (full debt mortgage) But, times were booming and bankers wanted masses of people to feed their pockets too. He did this for decades and my father said he watched him count money in a room under the grand-stair-case on Martling Ave., Staten Island, NY when he was a little boy. (The place is a Synagogue now)

My own parents divested themselves from him eventually, because they didn’t want to be seen colluding with him and my uncle. (besides – how would their church society feel about this) As if they – were any better – struggling with their own beliefs and emotional baggage that would insidiously infest my mind also.

The fear and guilt – espoused weekly from the pulpit lackeys of our religion – setting up colleges to continue to brain-wash our soft, fearful, intimidated minds. It took me years to break, in a totally secular work force, combined with Vietnam veterans breaking me from bull-shit poured inaccuracies funneled into my mind since childhood.

How does one convince in your mind, you’ve been brain-washed since child-hood?

You’ve been manipulated since your birth, into a ‘supposed’ real religion. You’ve been convinced it’s not a cult, but bullshit – they’re all cults. They all make you drink their “JIM JONES KOOL-AID” and there’s only one way to annihilate the planted seeds in your brain. Leave your religion. Leave those that don’t listen, as they try to throw bible verses at you, repeating the fear and guilt, laid down from the beginning, to stop you from thinking and writing into your own true existence. Your own self-thinking mind. Your own belief in what you are – what you shouldn’t have been and what you should now be and what you will finally be, when you die.

They also wonder – gee – where’d this adult ‘#metoo’ movement come from? It came from the top and their hypocritical hidden sins – not wanting to adhere to their own brainwashing. And – what did that create? Power, control and forced corporate manipulation – instilled into each new corporate ‘sales’ methodology and it’s the same for your religion. While in Chaska, Minnesota – at the old IDS sales school, I was brain-washed in the following manner for two or three weeks:

“Let’s define the four major attributes of a persons type of personality! Either they are an ‘Amiable’, A ‘Driver’, An ‘Analytic’ or an ‘Expressive’ – then we can manipulate them selling desert land in New Mexico without obstacle! We can abuse them. We can use them. We can control them with MIND CONTROL.”

Corporate handling, Government manipulation and religious brain-washing. It’s what makes the world go round. So – what do we do? Pray? (fuck no) Be quiet? (fuck no) Write about it? (Fuck YES!)

Here’s how you can help yourself – get your mind back:

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