…We interrupt this program due to…

Dear Diary:

“Things” happened late yesterday, effecting my ability to think and write. Please inform my non-existent reading public (sans one or two,) I’ll be back as soon as I can figure out how to get snow off the leaves in the yard, so as to rake them into a pile and burn them up.

In the meantime – how have you been? We haven’t written in a while. Have you had any recent post-traumatic episodes of supposed invincibility? Nagging your inner ego and narcissistic thoughts on my deranged thinking process? I know what you’re thinking. Just say it.

I mean – I re-read what I wrote yesterday and immediately thought it should be purged. What do you think?  I haven’t found a muse yet and according to Hank Moody – that’s what’s needed for successful publishing in the writing business.  I know the dangers and intricacies of that relationship – spilling into blatant adultery – if I can’t write.

Please write back with answers.


Dear Øle,

1st – BITE ME!

2nd – What would jesus do?

3rd – get some sleep and get back to typing when it wears off. Geesh.



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